Elke Böhnel

Qualifying Examinations; Services for: Brass, Woodwinds
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Study Abroad

Students who intend to study abroad usually should have passed diploma pre-examns yet. You better pre-plan your stay in time! To learn or to refresh your language skills is at least as important as to set clear objectives you intend to achieve. Do you try to optimize your abilities on the instrument you major in or do you prefer to broaden other abilties in view of your occupational outlook?


It may cause some problems if your teacher abroad relies on a totally different technique as your teacher in wuerzburg does. That’s why you better consider to study abroad after you reached a ferm level of abilities and skills.

Finance Checkup

Students who check up their financial scope avoid unpleasant situations abroad. Please consider that living expenses to some extend are higher abroad than they are in germany. You also cannot rely on sideline opportunities.

The ERASMUS Programme

Erasmus is the EU’s flagship education and training programme, enabling more than 180,000 students to  study and work abroad each year, as well as supporting co-operation actions between higher education institutions across Europe.

Requirements to join ERASMUS

  • An arrangement between the institution you intend to study at and wuerzburg university of music has to be made
  • You are citizen of one of the countries who join the ERASMUS programme ( at least you have to dispose of a permanent residence authorization)
  • You studied at least for one year at your university
  • You are registered at a university
  • You are insured sufficiently (Travel health insurance)

Advantages for ERASMUS-Students

  • Usually you don´t have to pass an entrance audition (a recording -run time about 15 minutes- will be enough more often than not)
  • The application procedure is quite easy to deal with
  • You´ll get a small financial benefit
  • You don´t have to pay tuition fees
  • Course achievements and examinations can be accepted in wuerzburg also
  • You can also apply for partial payment if you intend to study in a country with a rarely spoken language

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International Office

The international office is the first stop for:

  • Students from countries outside of Germany who wish to, or are preparing to study in Würzburg
  • Students who wish to study abroad.

Mr. Bräuer and the international office are also responsible for scholarships and other funding opportunities within the scope of studying abroad, as well as the possibilities of participating in an exchange program.


Hochschule für Musik Würzburg
International Office
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ERASMUS Information for Incoming Applicants

Partnershis Worldwide (Albuquerque/USA, Jerusalem/Israel, St. Petersburg/Russland, Eastman School of Music Rochester/USA)

Information for Teachers



International Concerts


Information for Refugees


Dirk Bräuer

Leitung International Office, Organisation Lehrbetrieb (Lehrbeauftragte, Klassenlisten etc.)
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Room: H E 015

Nadja Schmittner

Erasmus-Programm, PROMOS, DAAD - Projekte, Beratung für ausländische Studierende
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Room: H 034