Mission Statement of the University of Music Würzburg

  • Musical education at the highest artistic, pedagogical and scientific level is the claim of the University of Music Musik Würzburg.
  • As an art academy, it sees itself under these three premises at the interface of tradition and innovation in dealing with the professions that have been dynamised by social and cultural changes, in order to develop the range of courses appropriately.
  • This includes both the training of individual artistic-musical excellence through intensive personal promotion and the development of broadly diversified artistic-pedagogical qualification profiles as well as scientific competence through a diverse range of courses. The aim is to enable students to successfully enter professional life and actively shape cultural life.
  • The promotion of musical talent from an early age on is a constitutive element of university education that is ensured by a comprehensive range of courses.
  • From the point of view of 'lifelong learning', the possibility of further development of the artistic and artistic-scientific personality beyond a primary study phase is opened up.
  • The university is highly committed to intercultural dialogue, which is reflected not only in the large number of international students at the university, but also in the lively exchange of university members with other institutions at home and abroad. The consolidation and further development of international cooperation is an important task here.
  • The contact between the members of the university is based on a cooperative style of partnership. Openness, personal responsibility and a pronounced willingness to perform are further essential values for working together.
  • Continuous and professional evaluation with regard to the conception and implementation of the teaching programme ensures quality in all areas of education.
  • The members of the university see themselves as important cultural bearers of the city as well as of the region and beyond. Through joint projects with domestic and foreign universities and institutions, through competitions, master classes and public concerts, they pursue a high-profile enrichment of cultural life as a whole. At the same time, the university is open to social and cultural forces in the form of alumni work, sponsoring, cooperation, etc., in order to ensure the indispensable lively exchange.