Certificate Studies

Notes on the Application Process

Undergraduate students in the degree programmes "Performance and Pedagogy" or "School Music Teaching" at the University of Music Würzburg can apply for a certificate course for the 5th semester. An entrance examination must be taken in the additional subject.

The certificate course must be completed at the same time as the undergraduate course. Otherwise, tuition fees may apply.

The certificate course is divided into modules and can take place parallel to the 5th to 8th semesters of an undergraduate pedagogical course (Bachelor's degree in Performance and Pedagogy or School Music Teaching).

Documents Required to Register for the Entrance Examination

Additional Notes on the Application Process

  • Additional Instrumental / Vocal Subjects:
    The entrance examination consists of a 15-minute performance of at least two works of different styles or periods.
  • Additional Subject Elementary Music Education (EMP):
    The entrance examination consists of a 4-hour group test. Here the applicants should show their natural expression in speaking, singing and movement, their sense of rhythm and their body coordination. Perceptiveness, responsiveness, creativity and presence are assessed in impromptu tasks. Leadership qualities and empathy can be inferred from a prepared short teaching test together with the other applicants.
  • Additional Subject Music Theory:
    When applying for the ear training concentration, the entrance examination consists of a written exam with practical components totalling 75 minutes. For the Theory/Analysis concentration, the written exam totals 120 minutes.

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examinations take place at the University between the end of May and the end of June. The exact requirements can be found in the Statutes on Certificate Studies in Music Education at the University of Music Würzburg (Satzung über die musikpädagogischen Zertifikatsstudien der HFM Würzburg, currently only available in German) under the heading 'Fort- und Weiterbildung' and in the SEPEV (Statues on the Entrance Examinations and Qualification Procedures at the University of Music Würzburg, currently only available in German).

Bank Details

The University bank account must have received the application fee of €30.00 by the application deadline (31st of March).

Tip: Transfer the money at least four weeks before the application deadline. This usually ensures that we receive the money on time. When transferring money internationally, please note that the transfer sometimes takes a long time.

Recipient: Bundesbank Regensburg für HfM WÜ
IBAN: DE08 7500 0000 0074 3015 40
BIC / Swift: MARKDEF1750 Bundesbank Regensburg
Memo – 1st Line: 1563014/7032/06020
Memo – 2nd Line: Gebühr EP last name, first name

Last updated: 25.03.2020