Notes on the Application Process

Aptitude Tests

The aptitude tests take place at the University from the end of May to the end of June. You can find the exact requirements on our overview page for the Contents of the Entrance Examinations and Qualification Procedures.

If you successfully pass the aptitude test, you will receive a letter notifying you of your acceptance to the programme. In the letter, we will ask you to accept your spot in the programme by a certain deadline. If you do not accept your spot by the deadline, your application will not be considered.

Once you have enrolled at the end of September (see the exact dates on the University website), you will then be a pre-college student of the University of Music Würzburg starting on 1st October.

  • Form "Application for PreCollege" (Anmeldeformular PreCollege, currently only available in German)
  • Consent to Data Processing
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A copy of your last school report card
  • Current school certificate of enrolment

Further information on the aptitude test can be found in the Statutes for the PreCollege in Würzburg.

Language Proficiency

Important Note for Enrollment after Passing the Aptitude Test

Please submit your last school report card from a German-speaking school with at least a grade of 4 ("sufficient") in German, alternatively a language certificate at the level required to enrol in a comparable Bachelor's degree (usually B2, but please check on the website and make sure!)

Last updated: 25.03.2020