Lied Interpretation

Master Music in Performance

The University of Music Würzburg has offered the Master’s Degree in Lied Interpretation for lieder duos since the Winter Semester 2014/2015. Established lieder duos and individual singers, pianists or guitarists may apply. The studies are dedicated to lieder duo work as a special and specialized form of chamber music.

Pianists and guitarists receive individual mentoring, among other things, with vocal, transposition and arranging instruction. Through cooperative work with singers and vocal instructors, students acquire the required flexibility and adaptability skills, as well as the necessary appreciation for the special characteristics of the human voice. Singers and pianists as well as guitarists may, aside from lieder duo work, also work with chamber music ensembles.

The development and presentation of lieder recitals is also a part of the training, as is a CD production.