Music & Health

The University of Music Würzburg attaches a great deal of significance to musician health in the training of instrumentalists and singers. Well-being in both body and mind are pre-requisites for the development of musical potential, the successful completion of studies and the practice of a music profession.

The field of Music and Health at our University provides the following:

  • the sensitizing of our students to the health aspects of playing instruments and singing
  • the relaying of physiological and psychological relationships in musical learning
  • the strengthening of one’s own resources
  • the prevention of physical and psychological overload
  • the individual care applied to the medical complaints of musicians, music physiological questions or psychological pressures.

Students are professionally accompanied through aspects of music medicine, training methods and body pedagogy. In addition, recognized relaxation techniques and methods of performance training are conveyed. These techniques and methods are taught in physiological-psychologically oriented seminars, courses and individual instruction dealing with practical exercises for the body, as well as through individual medical and psychological consultation. According to need, health mentoring can be extended to sessions with doctors and therapists in the music medicine network of Würzburg and the region.

Prof. Dr. Maria Schuppert

Leitung Musik & Gesundheit | Beauftragte für Studierende mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung | stellv. Fachgruppensprecherin Musikwissenschaft/Musikermedizin
Building: Bibrastraße, Room: B 117

Gordana Crnkovic

Musik & Gesundheit: Atem- und Körperarbeit

Uschi Hartberger

Musik & Gesundheit: Alexander-Technik
Building: Hofstallstraße, Room: H 104

Flavia Käfer

Musik & Gesundheit
Building: Bibrastraße, Room: B 202

Eleonore Perneker

Musik & Gesundheit: Stimmkunde | Stimmphysiologie | Sprecherziehung

Hildegard Wind

Musik & Gesundheit: Feldenkrais | Bühnenpräsenz