Studying School Music

At the University of Music Würzburg students may apply for the following School Music Teacher Degree Programs:

  • School Music Teacher for elementary and junior high schools (GM), prescribed period of study 7 semesters
  • School Music Teacher for secondary schools (R), prescribed period of study 7 semesters
  • School Music Teacher for college preparatory high school as a double major in music (GyD) or as a double major music and academic subject (GyZ), prescribed period of study 9 semesters.

As regards the teaching profession, this field of study contributes to personal development in that it enables and supports artistic, scholarly and pedagogical experience. This experience provides the basis upon which the future field of work can be exploited and fashioned with discrimination, consequently providing a sound basis for the future practice of one’s profession, as well as an appreciation for life-long learning and the motivation to pursue this learning.

The following choice of curricula shows the many-sidedness of the instruction: 1–2 instruments – practical piano playing for schools – voice – choir conducting – orchestral and big band conducting – ensembles – harmony – arranging – ear training – musicology – analysis – music education and didactics – media education (music & computer) – school music internship – school music ensemble practice.

A multi-professional instructional team with notable artists, scholars and educators imparts a comprehensive artistic and music educational preparation for work in schools. Private lessons, small working groups, the support of individual projects and cooperative work with schools in Würzburg, make these studies effective and lively.