Studio for Experimental Electronic Music (eem)

In the Studio for Experimental Electronic Music (eem) a tradition of producing electronic music was initiated in the early 1970s by Prof. Bertold Hummel (composition) and Prof. Werner Berndsen (sound studio), using the most modern technical means and setting forth the following goals:

  • A search into the possibilities of changing aesthetic reception based on the continuous development of hard ware and software
  • research into the creation of sounds • Enquiry into the interaction among classical musicians using new special MIDI machines (see below)
  • Investigation of changing techniques of composition through software-determined algorhythmic processes
  • research in the area of live concert forms, including the above-mentioned interactions between interpreter and computer on stage
  • Evaluation of multi-channel techniques eight channels on both production and reproduction sides)
  • Analysis of traditional sounds as a basis for a more intensive understanding of the inner structure of sound
  • research in the area of micro-tonal tunings.

The aesthetic content planning, technical concept and teaching are done by instructor and composer Professor Jürgen Schmitt, who has been familiar with the techniques of computer assisted composition for decades. The high-quality and up-todate equipment contains software packages of German, American and French research centers, for example, Logic Pro, Max/ MSP, OpenMusic, Symbolic Composer, CSound, ViennaLibrary, SuperCollider, Melodyne, Native
Instruments Komplete, Microtuner, Scala, among others, installed on an Apple Macintosh computer of the most modern type. A sound computation engine Capybara 320, driven by the software KYMA, complements the audio hardware.

Among other things the following are used as a MIDI controller: a Continuum Finger Board; various touch sensitive, light sensitive, ultrasound sensitive controllers of the IRCAM; a Motor Mix Fader Controller; a graphic tablet; a MIDI violin and a Ztar MIDI guitar. Aside from that, a Yamaha Midi piano and a MIDI grand piano are available.