Entrance Examination | Qualification Procedure | Aptitude Test

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Entrance Examination / Qualification Procedure for the Bachelor, Master and Meisterklasse degree programs will take place this year mainly by video upload (see exceptions below).

The procedure for the Entrance Examination or Qualification Procedure is carried out in several steps:

  1. First submit a written application for the Entrance Examination or Qualification Procedure.
  2. Once these application portfolios have been checked for their validity and completeness, the applicants admitted to the test will be notified by email. This email contains a link to upload an application video.
  3. The video is reviewed and evaluated by an examination committee.
  4. If you pass, you are granted admission to the course of study at the HFM Würzburg.

Contents and Subjects Tested

The contents of the Entrance Examination / Qualification Procedure are regulated by the Statues on the Entrance Examinations and Qualification Procedures at the University of Music Würzburg (SEPEV). All exceptions to the SEPEV related to the Corona pandemic are governed by a separate Corona-Statute amended to the SEPEV, which will be adapted to the current situation. For guidance, you can read about the contencts and subjects tested in the 2021 Entrance Examination / Qualification Procedure as well as the upload procedure for videos in the 2020 Corona-Statute Amendment to the SEPEV. This year, the contents and subjects of the examination will not deviate significantly from the previous year's rules.

As soon as the 2021 Corona SEPEV is released, you will find a corresponding reference here.


The rules of the Corona SEPEV do not apply to applicants of the following degree programs:

  • School Music Teaching
  • Bachelor, Master and Meisterklasse in Composition
  • Bachelor and Master in Music Theory
  • Master in Wind Ensemble Conducting
  • Certificate Studies
  • PreCollege

The contents of the examinations for

The application deadline is always March 31st (arrival by mail at the University office)!

All further information on dates and deadlines can be found on a separate page.