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(Adaptation of an instruction of the UB Münster for the library of the HfM Würzburg).

  • You are looking for music publications?
  • You are looking for musicological literature?

How and where do I research music records?

When searching for music records, you need to pay attention to some peculiarities. Works are often known under several titles. In order to clearly identify a work, librarians form a uniform title, the work title, according to various criteria. The library of the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts has compiled information on the formation and research with the work title.

When researching, it is also important to pay attention to the output form. A work can exist, for example, as a score, as a piano reduction or as parts. However, you can only research these details if they have been recorded, which does not always happen.

You can also search for the instrumentation only if it has been recorded. In some cases, this is done through the title of the work, by adding the instruments after the genre term. In some cases, instrumentation information also appears in the title of the work.

Tip: Try searching with the edition form or the instrumentation in written out form. However, you will probably find only a part of the possibly relevant works. If you find too few, omit such terms from the search and look for appropriate entries in the title information.

  • Online Catalog The online catalog contains the music collection of the library of the HfM Würzburg. You can recognize music from the HfM library by the beginning of the call number (e.g. 930/ or 935/), followed by a combination of capital letters and numbers (930/L 101...).
  • International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library) IMSLP contains digitized music scores. Note that the operators are governed by Canadian copyright law, which is why different protection periods apply than in Germany.
  • Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) RISM is the largest international directory of historical music publications, i.e. old printed music and music manuscripts. RISM is divided into three series:
    • Music manuscripts mostly created between 1600 and 1800 (Series A/II)
    • Single printings published before 1800 (Series A/I),
    • collective printings between 1500 and 1550 (series B/I)

Where do I research music recordings and sound carriers?

  • Online Catalog In the online catalog of the library of the HfM Würzburg you can search for music recordings and sound carriers available in the library. To do so, enter CD or LP in the search field "Free search" in addition to the composer and title of the work.
  • Bielefeld Catalog In the Bielefeld Catalog you can search for available records, CDs and cassettes of classical music.

Where can I search for musicological literature?


For research in other databases, please use our Digital Offerings.

Essay found, now what?

Please search further with the found source reference in the online catalog of the HfM Würzburg.

If the desired source is not available in the library, you can start an interlibrary loan via the university library. Please note that the library of the HfM Würzburg does not participate in interlibrary loan.