Information on borrowing and returning items and on staying in the library

General information about the loan

The multifunctional card of the University of Music Würzburg serves as a user ID for students, lecturers and staff.

To activate this card for borrowing from the library, present a valid ID card or ID and certificate of registration at the library and fill out a registration form. The user account is then valid for students for one semester at a time and is extended for another semester upon presentation of the currently validated user ID.

The personal data we collect is used for the performance of our duties and is subject to the provisions of data protection. We will not pass them on to third parties.

The loss of this card must be reported to the library of the University of Music immediately.

If you wish, we will be happy to notify you automatically by e-mail when the loan period for your media expires or an item is ready for pickup (reservation).

To do so, enter your current e-mail address in your account in the online catalog.

Under "my user data" you will find the input field e-mail under the heading "address". Please also enter any changes to your e-mail address here.

The e-mail notification is without guarantee! You are still obliged to pay attention to the end of the loan period yourself.

The loan period for most media is 30 opening days. These media can be extended twice for another 30 opening days.

Exceptions are media from the area of elementary music education (local code 933/) and sound carriers (CD, LP, DVD, Blu-Ray). These can only be borrowed for 15 opening days and extended twice for 15 opening days each.

The following items cannot be borrowed

  • magazine issues
  • bound volumes of magazines
  • media with a yellow "Not for loan" sign

Individual loan periods can be arranged for specific teaching projects. The same applies to media from the reference collection, for which a short-term loan is possible by arrangement.

The loan period for performance materials for orchestral, choral, chamber music, and stage performances, as well as repertory rehearsals, generally ends the day after the last performance date or rehearsal.

Please remember - especially before long absences - to return or renew your media in time. After the loan period has expired, the media can no longer be renewed.

From the second opening day after the loan period has been exceeded, we will issue a reminder with costs.

  • You can reserve media directly from the online catalog via the tab "I would like to have that" and thus reserve them for later borrowing.
  • The current borrower can then no longer extend the loan period.
  • Only one reservation is possible for each item.

Display in your account

You can see your current reservations in the sub-account "Reservations" of your account.


As soon as the medium you have reserved is returned, it will appear in the "Orders" sub-account of your account as "available for pick-up" and will be ready for you to pick up for one week. In addition, you will receive a notification by e-mail.


You can cancel reservations that are no longer required in the "Reservations" sub-account of your account.

Under "My library account" in the catalog of the University of Music Würzburg, you can see the media you have currently borrowed, reserved and reminded. Here you can create watch lists, reserve media and extend loan periods.

To access your account, enter your user number and password (preset to the day, month and year of your birthday, e.g. "050581″).