Receiving ERASMUS+ applications

We are looking forward to receiving ERASMUS+ applications from students, who would like to study at the University of Music Wuerzburg for one semester or a whole academic year!

Students at our ERASMUS+ partner universities prepare for their studies in Wuerzburg together with the team of the International Office of their home university. It is important that the International Office nominates the respective applicant and then sends us the application documents before the application deadline.

Students who are not studying at one of our ERASMUS+ partner universities, but are enrolled at a university in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey, please contact the International Office of your university. If possible, we then initiate an ERASMUS+ partnership together with our colleagues. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every student a cooperation agreement for studies at our university, as we receive many more ERASMUS+ applications every year than we can accept.


The following application documents are required:

  • AEC Application Form (please fill out only on PC, not handwritten!!!)
  • Learning Agreement Please upload new document (please fill out only on PC, not handwritten!!!)
  • Link to a recording with approx. 15 minutes of music (3 different styles)
  • Curriculum vitae (in German or English)
  • Letter of motivation (in German or English)
  • Transcript of Records (in German or English)
  • Proof of language skills in German (at least B2 CEFR) or in English (at least B2 CEFR)

Important: Only applications that are uploaded on time to the EASY database will be accepted. The Link will be activated on 15th of January. Instructions for registration can be found here. Instructions on filling out the Learning Agreement can be found here. If you do not have access to EASY, please contact us by e-mail:

The application deadline is 15 March of each year for both semesters of the coming academic year!


Selection process


The selection process can take several weeks. We will inform the ERASMUS+ coordinators as well as the applicants via the EASY portal or e-mail by mid-June at the latest as to whether we can offer you a spot for the desired length of stay. Applicants who have been accepted for an ERASMUS+ spot should confirm their acceptance by the end of June at the latest. Please make sure to decline your ERASMUS+ spot on time if you have decided to study at another university!

Course offerings

Students who are interested in studying as an ERASMUS+ student at the University of Music Würzburg should get informed in detail about the courses  offered at the University before applying. An ECTS system has been specially developed for ERASMUS+ students to facilitate the accreditation of academic achievements. An overview of the course offerings for ERASMUS+ students can be found here. Instructions for selecting courses and filling out the Learning Agreement can be found here (LINK!). More detailed information will be sent to the students as soon as they have been offered a spot at the University of Music Würzburg and have confirmed their acceptance.

The language of instruction at the University of Music Würzburg is German. The individual lessons in the primary instrument/voice as well as lessons in smaller groups can also take place in English, if the teacher consents.

If you have any questions about ERASMUS+ at the University of Music Würzburg, the team of the IO is happy to help!