Coursees of Study Bachelor

Bachelor of Music Artistic-Pedagogical

This course of study is suitable for musicians who want to bring people of different ages and target groups into contact with music. In return the graduates will, in the course of their studies, be prepared for the music related pedagogical tasks which await them after graduation. Alternatively, a Master’s Degree may be pursued if the appropriate requirements are met.

Bachelor of Music Artistic

Your professional artistic education offers you the basis for establishing yourself in the manifold career fields of public musical life. The target group of this course of study is those musicians who desire to expand their capabilities and proficiencies and to make music the focus of their future professional lives.

Toward this goal, graduates will, during the course of their studies, be prepared for a professional career in the various areas of public musical life. Upon graduation they may follow a solo, chamber music or orchestral career, or work as a free lance or a salaried musician, or continue studies toward a Master’s Degree.