With the establishment of the Pre-College Würzburg, the University of Music offers children and young people with exceptional artistic talent the opportunity to prepare themselves for music studies while they are still in the general school system. Early musical training for talented young people at the highest level by university instructors is the goal of this instruction. This training also serves as preparation for Bachelor’s studies in practical music making and music theory. It is possible for these studies to be credited later toward the Bachelor of Music Degree. An application for the qualifying examination must be submitted by the end of March.

The Pre-College pursues the long successful tradition of fostering the highly gifted with an expanded offering for all instruments, voice and jazz, as well as music theory/composition. Successes at competitions and auditions, as well as in winning scholarships, prove the high quality of this education, which is based on a multifaceted educational offering.

Multifaceted Educational Offering

  • 90 minutes weekly in an artistic core subject: accordion, voice, guitar, jazz instrument, piano, orchestra instrument (strings, woodwinds, brass, harp, percussion), as well as composition and music theory
  • Every 14 days general music lessons/ear training (90 minutes) optional at the Pre-College or at a location near the pupil’s home
  • 30 minutes weekly piano accompaniment
  • Chamber music lessons and projects
  • Required subject piano on request

Outstanding Instructors

The Pre-College faculty is made up of outstanding instructors and teaching faculty at the University of Music who have years of experience working with children and young people.

Goal Oriented Curriculum

Alongside the usual concentrations on instrumental or vocal instruction and general music lessons, the structured Pre-College curriculum offers the following:

  • A three-stage system with transfer examinations which ensures a control of achievement and motivation, but which avoids short-term stress
  • Regular recitals in public concerts in the University concert series, such as Saturday matinées, class evenings or other events at the University
  • For young singers, an extended period of study to allow their voices to mature
  • The possibility of receiving credit for work done as a pupil at the A-level, to be applied toward a full course of studies (Bachelor of Music)

Prerequisites for Admission

  • Proof of special artistic talent (qualifying examination)
  • A placement test in general music knowledge / ear training (B-level, A-level, Collegiate level) serves for placement at a performance level.
  • Entry is possible from the age of 10.
  • For application for the qualifying examination, a school certificate (singers excluded) and a form must be submitted.
  • The cut-off date for application is 31 March. The Pre-College studies begin in autumn.
  • The Information Day for Pre-College will take place every year on February (see website). There you will find detailed individual information.


  •  C- and B-level collegiate pupils pay 300 euros each semester (siblings: 150 euros). A-level participants are full-time students and pay 300 euros plus the fee for the Student Union (including the Semester Ticket).


 You will find information about group events at the CAS-System (access on the University Homepage: Individual sessions (for example, private lessons) are planned by personal arrangements with the instructor.

The Administration of the Pre-College


Prof. Dr. Christoph Wünsch

 Deputy Chair

Ulrike Goldbeck

Deputy Chair

Wolfgang Nüsslein

 Student Advisory Service

You will receive professional student advising from professional instructors or from the Pre-College administration.