Bibrastrasse Building

Just around the corner in the direction of the city center and the cathedral, one finds the Bibrastrasse Building. Here is a complete theater with moveable stage segments, orchestra pit, lighting and sound system for professional scenic performances, be they opera, musical or other kinds of performances. This stage is supplemented by the brightly lit Ballet Hall on the top floor, large rehearsal rooms in the basement and a workshop for building stage sets.

In the opposite wing of the building, one finds the large two-story University Library. In addition there are, in this largest of the University buildings, a lecture hall with rising rows of seats, the most modern presentation technology, well-lit seminar and instruction rooms, as well as a complete floor of spacious practice rooms for students.

Gerold Hepp

Pforte Bibrastraße

Herbert Kraus

Pforte Bibrastraße