Information on study and examination operations

during the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Please note that not all current study and examination information is translated into English. It is therefore recommended that you also read the German pages for this purpose.

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  • Where can I find the current regulations and the relevant Covid statistics? (Last updated: 10/22/2021)

  • Podcast with expert information on the vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    Prof. Dr. Lars Dölken, Chairman of the Department of Virology at the University of Würzburg, provides information on the currently available vaccines, their benefits, risks and possible side effects.

    Prof. Dölken's answers to numerous questions can be found in this extensive podcast episode in video format.

  • Covid-Vaccine: when and where? (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    All residents of Germany are currently entitled to a vaccine in a timely manner.

    The vaccination is free of charge.


    Vaccination is possible...

    • many medical practices (general practitioners and specialists - call the practice to make an appointment)
    • the mobile vaccination campaigns and vaccination office hours in the City and District of Würzburg
    • ...on 26.10.2021 at the University of Music! Beginning at 10:00am, a mobile Vaccine Team will be present for students, faculty and administrative staff. If you are interested in being vaccinated on this day, please contact our hygiene team by email. You will then receive further information and an official document for the purposes of medical consultation.


    The website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut contains the vaccines currently authorized in the EU. 


    Information about SARS-CoV-2 vaccines:

  • Rules Regarding Face Masks (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    In the buildings of the University of Music all people are required to wear a medical face mask ("surgical mask") or FFP2 mask.

    The mask requirement is always in effect as long as a distance of 1.5 m from other persons cannot be reliably maintained.

    Information on the different types of masks and information on their usage can be found at the Federal Institute for Medicinal Products and Medical devices and in this video.

    Masks with valves or vents are not permitted.

  • Information on maternity leave during the pandemic (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult the hygiene team before entering the university buildings for the first time.

    The Universities are obliged to first carry out an individual risk assessment for pregnant workers and students. In individual cases, the Hygiene Team must assess whether and to what extent employment/study during pregnancy is possible on site. The University must ensure that pregnant women are not exposed to a higher risk of infection than the general population or that the level of infection protection there is at least equal to that in the private and public areas.

    Currently, breastfeeding women are not banned from working. However, a consultation with the Hygiene Team must be held in advance in order to clarify any individual risks and to discuss possible premises for breastfeeding.

    Detailed information on maternity leave is available at: Information on maternity protection related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (as of 1 July 2021).

  • What regulations apply when entering Germany from risk areas? (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    If you have been in a risk area designated by the Robert Koch Institute within 10 days of your arrival in Germany, follow these steps:

    I. Registration Requirement

    • Before entering Germany, complete the digital entry application
    • Please take this confirmation with you when you come to the border.
    • The health department is automatically informed if you are required to quarantine.

    II. Quarantine Regulations

    • High Risk Area: If you enter from a high-risk area, you must go to domestic quarantine immediately upon arrival. The quarantine period is 10 days. Quarantine can end early if a negative test result, vaccination certificate or evidence of recovery is submitted via the entry portal. If you submit your proof of vaccination or recovery prior to your entry, no quarantine is required. For persons who are not vaccinated or recovered: You can terminate the quarantine prematurely if you are tested negative five days after entry and submit this result via the entry portal .  
    • Virus Variant Area: In the case of entry from a virus variant area, the duration of the quarantine is lengthened to 14 days. It cannot be terminated prematurely.
    • The health department responsible for your area will monitor the quarantine requirement.

    III. Documentation Requirements

    1. General documentation requirements for all travelers: Travelers aged 12 and over must have a negative test result, vaccination certificate or proof of recovery upon entry. This applies regardless of the means of transportation and regardless of whether a prior stay in a high-risk or virus variant area. Proof may be required when checking cross-border traffic to Germany by the Federal Police or by the competent authority. Passengers traveling by air must present proof to the carrier before departure.
    2.  Special regulations for high-risk or virus variant areas: Travelers returning from a high-risk area must present a negative test certificate, proof of recovery or a vaccination certificate to the carrier (e.g. the airline) prior to departure. Travelers coming from a virus variant region must submit a negative test result to the carrier. Proof of recovery or a vaccination certificate are not sufficient.
  • 3G rule in all University buildings (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    You are only allowed to enter a University building if you can prove your fulfillment of the the 3G requirement, i.e.vaccinated, recovered, tested. 

    (According to the 14th BayIfSMV, §3: 7-Day Incidence > 35).


    Proof of Recovery: Documentation (PCR findings) or medical/regulatory certificate of prior infection with SARS-CoV-2, at least 28 days in the past, not more than six months.


    Proof of Vaccination: Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 with an EU-approved vaccine beginning on day 15 after final vaccination. Please present your shot record, a letter documenting your vaccination or a digital proof of vaccination (CoVPass / Corona warn app).

    Vaccines Currently Approved in the EU

    • BionTech/Pfizer (Comirnaty®)
    • Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna(Spikevax®)
    • Covid-19-vaccine AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria®)
    • Covid-19 Vaccine Janssen (Company Johnson & Johnson)


    Test Validity:

    • PCR tests 48 hours
    • Antigen Rapid Test 24 Hours
    • Self-tests cannot be accepted.
  • General Information and Hotlines for the Coronavirus (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

  • What if I have been tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus? (Last updated: 09/22/2021)

    I. If your PCR test or antigen test returns positive...

    • ...immediately go home and quarantine there. The health department is automatically informed about the test result and will contact you shortly.
    • Students, teachers and administrative staff are obliged to inform the University immediately:
    • ... You are responsible to inform all people with whom you had contact in the last 48 hours!

    You may not re-enter the University until you have been approved by the Health Department.

    If you are approved but still have any remaining symptoms, please do not enter the university.

    If you have any questions, please contact our hygiene team:

    II. If your Corona self-test shows a positive result...

    • must have a PCR test performed immediately. Please contact a health care professional, the Health Department or a testing center by phone.
    • You must isolate yourself and may not enter the University until the result of the PCR test is available. If your PCR test returns negative, you are no longer required to self-isolate. If the PCR test confirms a positive test result, follow the steps above.
  • In which cases is it not allowed to enter the University Campus? (Last updated: 06/08/2021)

    • If you have symptoms of disease and/or COVID-19-suspicious symptoms .
    • If you have been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. You may not re-enter the University until you have been approved by the Health Department.
    • If you have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient or a positive test within the last 14 days. You may not re-enter the University until a SARS-CoV-2 infection has been ruled out and a risk assessment has been made by the health office → If the health office classifies you as a close contact person (with an increased risk of infection), you may not enter the University for 14 days after the time of contact. Unfortunately, due to the long incubation period of the virus, this house arrest cannot be lifted by presenting a negative test.
    • If you have been in a risk area designated by the Robert Koch Institute within 10 days of your arrival and are in quarantine for this reason. For more information on entering/returning from a risk area, please refer to the section "What regulations apply when entering Germany from risk areas?"
  • I found out that I was in contact with a COVID-19 patient - what should I do? (Last updated: 04/12/2021)

    If you have had contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days (regardless of the presence of nonspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems) ...

    • contact your family doctor or the medical on-call service (Tel. 116 117) immediately by telephone,
    • contact your local health department immediately,
    • you may not enter the Hochschule für Musik until the presence of a SARS-CoV-2 infection has been clarified by the public health department and a risk classification (contact cat. I or cat. II) has been made by the public health department (→ if the public health department classifies you as a contact person of cat. I, you are not allowed to enter the University for 14 days after the date of contact. Due to the incubation period, this ban on entering the University cannot be lifted even with a negative test! → If the health office classifies you as a contact person of cat. II, you may enter the University),
    • Students are to inform the Department of Student Affairs (Studierendenservice) immediately,
    • Faculty are to inform the President:
    • Staff are to inform Human Resources:
  • Where can I find out more about the plans for the coming months beyond the HfM Würzburg? (Last updated: 04/02/2021)

  • Where can I find counseling during times of crisis? (Last updated: 03/16/2021)

    You can contact HFM Würzburg's advisory services in case of psychological stress and crises (Lise Gold and Dr. Maria Schuppert, see flyer "Musik & Gesundheit").

    Other points of contact in case of mental stress include ...

    In Würzburg:




    Hotlines for questions regarding a potential infection with the Corona virus

    • Priority: Patient service of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns (KVB), Tel.: 116 117
    • Citizen's hotline of the City and District of Würzburg, Tel.: 0931 8003-5100
    • Independent Patient Consultation, Tel.: 0800 011 77 22
    • Telephone number of the Federal Ministry of Health, Tel. 030 346 465 100

    Very important: Make sure to call before you go to a doctor or clinic. This can protect yourself and others. If necessary, the office you call will forward you to an office responsible for your region for further clarification.

  • Whom can I contact with questions about the hygiene guidelines? (Last updated: 11/28/2020)

    If you have questions about infection control and the implementation of the hygiene guidelines, please contact our hygiene team by e-mail.

For All Students
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  • Classes during the Winter Semester 2021/2022 (Last updated: 10/09/2021)

    In the Winter Semester of 2021/2022, most classes will be held on-campus, especially music lessons.

    • In order to enter a University building, you must prove that you fulfill the 3G requirement (vaccination certificate, proof of recovery, or a current negative test). The validity for PCR tests is 48 hours, for antigen tests 24 hours. Self-tests cannot be accepted.
    • FFP2 masks are only required to be worn in “traffic zones” (e.g. hallways, stairwells, etc.). When seated, you are only required to wear your mask (including surgical masks) if you are less than 1.5 meters from other people.
    • In certain musical contexts, we can also make an exception to the mask and social distancing rules (e.g. If members of an orchestra are seated too close to each other). This exception can only be made if the rehearsal space is well-ventilated or if we follow an intensive test strategy (voluntary additional tests).
    • An updated concept will be presented shortly for ventilation in classrooms, work rooms and rehearsal spaces, as well as for distance rules. In the meantime, the existing rules will continue to apply.
  • Financial Aid for Students in Need (Musikalische Akademie) (Last updated: 10/05/2021)

    Students in need at the University of Music Würzburg can now expect financial aid! The University management in cooperation with the Friends’ Association of the University - the Musikalische Akademie Würzburg e. V. - has decided to set up an emergency aid fund for students in need.

    Students fulfilling certain requirements can submit an application for aid. The Friends’ Association of the University, the Musikalische Akademie Würzburg e. V., will organize the distribution of the award according to need.

  • Teaching and Practice in the Summer Semester 2021 (Last updated: 05/11/2021)

    Teaching and Practice in the Summer Semester 2021

    Opening hours for teaching and practice

    The buildings of the University of Music Würzburg will have the following opening hours for students, faculty and staff beginning March 15, 2021:

    Hofstallstraße Building | Residenzplatz Building

    Mon-Fri 8:00am - 9:00pm
    Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm
    So 12: 00pm - 6:00pm

    Bibrastraße Building

    Mon-Fri 8:00am - 9:00pm
    Sat 9:00am - 6:00pm
    So 12:00pm - 6:00pm



    Ensembles (lessons): Max 6 (students) + 1 (teacher)
    Ensemble rehearsals when preparing for an examination: More than 6 students may be involved. The hygiene guidelines (intervals | rules of conduct) must be strictly observed.


    Seminars, lectures and similar courses are generally held "online".
    An exception to this are courses that prepare for an examination in the current semester.
    The "6 + 1 - Rule"


    Practice will follow the same rules as in the Winter Semester 20/21

    Individual Practice:

    Self-organization of student practice |

    Ensemble Rehearsals:

    Room allocation according to ensemble size and composition (Unit 4: Mr Scheller)

We will expand and update this list on a regular basis. Check back here regularly for the latest information on current developments.