Information about the Study and Examination Program

during the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Based on the decisions of the Bavarian State Government to contain the further spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on 10.03.2020 as well as on current developments, the University of Music Würzburg was closed.

Starting 12 May 2020, we gradually resume classroom instruction and practice, while observing very high infection control standards.



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(Last updated: 16.06.2020)
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    General information
    (Last updated: 16.06.2020)
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    • How and for what reason can I enter a university building?

      You can submit an application for access to the university buildings using an online form. Acceptable reasons are: lessons, practice, recording session, visiting the administration, the library, or an appointment in a professor's office hours.

      Both students and instructors must fill out an application for lessons.

      Registration for practicing and teaching is only possible for subjects for which specific hygiene guidelines already exist! These will be set gradually for all instruments/subjects.

      Please come to the University for lessons or practice only after consulting your instructors or student representatives. If no appointment is scheduled for you, you will be denied entry at the gate.

      When entering a building for the first time, please hand in the signed form "Erklärung zur Beachtung der Hygienemaßnahmen" (Declaration of Compliance with Hygiene Measures) and the signed "Hygieneplan" at the gate.

    • I found out that I was in contact with a COVID-19 patient - what should I do?

      If you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, you must contact your local health authority immediately. This must be done in any case - regardless of whether you have symptoms. You are then not allowed to enter the university until an infection has been ruled out.

    • May I enter the buildings of the HfM Würzburg after a travel abroad?

      If you come from abroad, you will have to quarantine yourself for two weeks. Please read the relevant announcements for further information.

      The legal basis can be found in the "Verordnung über Quarantänemaßnahmen für Einreisende zur Bekämpfung des Coronavirus (Entry Quarantine Ordinance - EQV) of 9 April 2020".

    • Contact with University Administration

      The administration is only accessible to a limited extent, which means

      • The opening hours are cancelled.
      • Communication by e-mail is only possible to a limited extent.
      • Please refrain from telephone inquiries.
    • Where can I find out more about the plans for the coming months beyond the HfM?

      The website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and Arts provides a wide range of information:

    • Coronavirus: Where can I find help in times of crisis?

      In case of mental stress and crises, you are welcome to contact the counselling office at the HfM Würzburg (Lise Gold and Dr. Maria Schuppert, see flyer "Musik & Gesundheit").

      You can also get help in case of psychological stress from:

      in Würzburg:




      Hotlines for questions about a possible infection with the Corona virus:

      • Priority: Patients' Service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Bavaria (KVB), Tel.: 116 117
      • Citizens' telephone of the city and district of Würzburg, Tel.: 0931 8003-5100
      • Independent patient advice, Tel.: 0800 011 77 22
      • Citizens' telephone of the Federal Ministry of Health, Tel.: 030 346 465 100
      • Very important: It is essential that you call before you visit a doctor or clinic. This will protect yourself and others. If necessary, you will be redirected to the office responsible for your region for further clarification.

      Information from the BZgA (Federal Centre for Health Education) on infection prevention

      Further Information

    For All Students
    (Last updated: 16.06.2020)
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    • Where can I apply for financial aid in the Corona crisis?

      The Federal Ministry of Education provides emergency financial aid for German and international students who have fallen into financial difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis. In acute cases, a grant can be applied for via student services (Studentenwerk Würzburg); in addition, interest-free loans of up to 650 € per month are offered by the KfW:

      Corona-Hilfe des BMBF: Financial support for students by the KfW 

      Both German and foreign students suffering financially from the pandemic may apply for emergency financial aid online beginning Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 12 noon:

      • up to €500 per month for students in need. This loan does not need to be paid back
      • for a maximum of three months
      • from a budget of €100 million from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

      The financial aid is administered by the German Student Union (DSW) and awarded by the responsible student union (Studentenwerk) in Bavaria. The financial aid takes the form of an account increase and does not have to be repaid. You can apply for the aid online from June to August 2020 at

      If your application is approved, the aid will be paid out for one month at a time.

    • When can classes be held in person again?

      Since May 12, the University has reopened certain classrooms for instruction under restrictions. The department chairs of the following subjects are currently organizing classes:

      • Private lessons in the core subject, main instrument, additional subject, minor subject; in the minor and compulsory subject only as preparation for exams due in the summer semester 2020
      • Correpetition (student and accompanist)
      • Chamber music up to 5 people
      • Acting lessons

      You must leave the building immediately after your class ends! You must sign in and out at the gate (Pforte).

      Classes in the fields of music education, music theory and musicology will only be held online at least until after the Pentecost holidays.

    We will expand and update this list on a regular basis. Check back here regularly for the latest information on current developments.