Student Representation Council

The Student Representation Council is made up of members from the Faculty Advisory Board, the Student Convent, both the Student Representatives in the Senate and the University Council, the student members of the Studies Commission, as well as the Department Spokespersons. Through the SRC work in the committees of the University, the interests of the students in relation to the central administration, the instructors and the administrative staff are represented. Thereby the communication among all members of the University is especially important.

Furthermore, the Student Representation Council regularly organizes various events to strengthen the sense of community at the University. Examples are student parties which offer excellent opportunities to foster acquaintances outside the everyday activities at the University. Trips to attend concerts, for example, in Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Leipzig or Amsterdam also include a social element, but first and foremost, they serve to further musical education. Sports activities such as team participation in the Würzburg Residence Run, or entertaining movie evenings also round out life at our institution.

For further information visit the official Facebook page of the Student Representation Council!

Sabeth Quitt

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Stefan Schneider

Studierendenvertretung | Vertretung in Senat und Hochschulrat
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