Governing Board

The governing board consists of the president, the chancellor and the two vice-presidents. It manages the university's day-to-day business and decides on the distribution of the positions and funds allocated to the university.


The president represents the university externally. He gives initiatives for the development of the university and drafts the outlines of the university policy objectives. The President is the supervisor of the scientific and artistic officials working at the university as well as the employees in the service of the Free State of Bavaria and the Chancellor.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Wünsch

Präsident | Musiktheorie | stellv. Vorsitzender der Musikalischen Akademie


Marion Probst

Vorzimmer des Präsidenten

Cordula Jeßberger

Persönliche Mitarbeiterin des Präsidenten | allgemeine Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Vice Presidents

Two vice presidents support the president in the management of the university. They hold this position in addition to their reduced teaching duties.

Prof. Martin Hummel

Vizepräsident | Gesang

Prof. Dr. Andreas C. Lehmann

Vizepräsident | Systematische Musikwissenschaft


Carolin Göpfert

Vorzimmer der Vizepräsidenten


The chancellor is the head of the university administration, budget officer and supervisor of non-artistic or non-academic staff.


Birgit Baumann

Vorzimmer Kanzler