Science & Research

University of Music Wuerzburg is an institution with a long tradition as well as an impressive success story of more than 200 years. After the commutation from conservatory to university of music in the early 1970ies, science and research appeared to complement music education. In the course of the 2001-fusion with Hermann-Zilcher-Conservatory Wuerzburg, further expertise especially in music pedagogy were added to our areas of research.
The long term cooperation with wuerzburg university as well as the collaboration with university of applied sciences wuerzburg/schweinfurth allow large scale synergistic effects.

Nowaday academics of national and international estimation work on fields of research such as musicology, music-pedagogy and other problems in the field of tension between arts and science. Besides music history, the role of music in our conteporary culture and media, socio- and behavioural-scientific questions on making music, listening to it and learning to play music are relevant aspects of science and research at our university. A wide range of methods is used; analysis in music theory as well as classical methods of music-historical research and the whole range of empirical research. We are part of a vivid tranfer of knowledge with other universities and institutions in germany and abroad. Funded projects are a matter of course.