DAAD Prize

Sponsor | Organizer: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) | HfM Würzburg
Year of foundation: 1995
Instrument | Category: all programmes
Participants: foreign advanced students who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification (school leaving certificate) abroad
Frequency: annually
Prize money: 1.000 €
Obligations: Performance at the winners' concert (does not happen in 2020)
Next date: Autumn 2021
Application period: tba.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a joint institution of the German universities. It uses public funds to promote international academic cooperation, in particular the exchange of students and scientists. The foreign students at our universities enrich the university community both culturally and academically. In honor to this, the DAAD annually provides the universities with funds for awarding a prize to foreign students with outstanding performance and remarkable social and intercultural commitment.

The price cannot be divided among several students.
The selection of the award winners is the responsibility of the university.


in German language and written form including the following documents:

  • Name, date of birth, nationality, contact infos (e-mail, mobile number), study programme, semester, main subject teacher
  • resume of your artistic career (table form)
  • presentation of your actual voluntary social or intercultural commitment
    >> what does it mean?  individual non-profit activities in social, cultural, political, religious or charity sectors or participation in mostly public events of similar organizations and groups (Please include a project description, maximum one page!)

    >> what does it not mean?  private activities are not accepted (e.g. meeting friends, cooking, travelling, (passive) participation in a public event of other organizations etc.)

The application must be transmitted online via registration form and file-upload. Link will appear here at the beginning of the registration period.

After evaluating the various applications, some candidates will be invited to present themselves with an artistic presentation of 15 min. duration on 18th November [if necessary, you have to bring your own piano accompagnist]