The current version of the ex-matriculation policy is stipulated in the statues concerning registration, re-registration, leave of absence and ex-matriculation at the University of Music Würzburg – in short ImmaS.

Ex-matriculation takes place according to law (BayHSchG) either ex officio (by the administration) or on application (by the student).


A student is ex-matriculated at the end of the semester in which he or she has passed the final examination. Upon request she or he receives a written confirmation of ex-matriculation.

Ex-matriculation Regulations

A student will be ex-matriculated for the reasons described in Art. 49, Paragraph 2 BayHSchG:

  • When application is made
  • When a hindrance to registration, according to Art. 46 BayHSchG, is submitted after the fact
  • When, according to the regulations, a student has not passed a required examination, or at a university of art has definitively not passed an established probationary period, or when a student, for acceptable reasons, definitively cannot fulfill the requirements to register for an examination. It is, however, possible that the student may be able to change to another course of study.
  • When a student has not passed a probationary examination, or when he/she cannot appear for that examination.
  • When at the time of re-registration, the payment of fees cannot be proven, or if the prescribed student health insurance proof has not been turned in due to her/his own negligence.
  • When, due to established facts, registration or re-registration occurs improperly.

Furthermore, students may ex-matriculate

  • When one of the reasons for failure, according to Paragraph 8 (failure, withdrawal of registration) ImmaS, occurs after the fact
  • When the student, despite notification of the consequences, according to Paragraph 3 ImmaS (cooperation requirement), fails to fulfill his/her obligations
  • When a student, despite written threat of ex-matriculation, continues to violate her/his duties as a student, especially by not attending classes for which attendance is mandatory or by not completing written work,

Should an ex officio ex-matriculation according to the list above take place, the student will receive written notification.

May I apply for an ex-matriculation?


By means of a written request on the designated application form which the student submits with all details required by the university

With this request, there must be included confirmations regarding the return of loaned library books, instruments and keys by the persons responsible (paper of release).

What effect does an ex-matriculation have?

The ex-matriculation on request takes place in principle at the end of the current semester, unless a student applies for an immediate ex-matriculation (receipt of application). As proof the student receives a certificate of ex-matriculation.

The lawful and ex officio ex-matriculation is issued with immediate effect.

What must be observed?

With an ex-matriculation the affiliation of the student at the University of Music Würzburg is brought to an end.

If the ex-matriculation takes place at a time prior to the beginning or during the current semester, and the student holds in his/her possession a registration certification und a student identity card for the current semester, she/he must immediately return these without having to be asked.

The student fees will not be refunded.