Leave of Absence

The leave of absence policy is stipulated in the respective current versions of the statues concerning registration, re-registration, leave of absence and ex-matriculation at the University of Music Würzburg – in short ImmaS.

A student with a legitimate reason may, upon application, be released from the obligation of studying as stipulated in the university statutes.

What is the application deadline?

The formal application form is due no later than one month after the semester begins (1 April or 1 September).

If a legitimate reason for a leave of absence occurs later, and if this reason were unforeseeable, a well-grounded argument may be considered. In this case an exception to the general rule can be made and handled promptly upon written request presented to the Office of Student

Affairs and passed on to the administration of the university.

What does the application require?

The application for leave of absence, in addition to the form itself, requires appropriate written proof (for example, an internship contract).

When illness is the primary basis for application for a leave of absence, this claim, a doctor’s certification, and on request of the University of Music Würzburg, a health certificate from the public health officer may be required.

For how long may I take leave?

Each leave of absence will be granted by the university for one entire semester. A maximum of two semesters can be approved.

Periods of statutory maternity leave, parental leave, as well as time taken for the care of a close relative, will not be calculated into the maximum duration.

A leave of absence in the first semester of studies at the University of Music is absolutely out of the question.

May I also take a leave of absence after the fact?

No! A retrospective leave of absence for a past semester is not possible.

What happens after the application has been made?

The leave of absence is granted by a written notification. You will receive a new semester certification with the entry that you have been granted a leave. A different notification for the same semester must be turned in to the Office of Student Affairs.

What must be observed?

During a leave of absence, NO studies and NO examinations may be pursued at the University of Music Würzburg. An exception is made for repetition of a failed examination.

If a leave of absence is not feasible, an application to be ex-matriculated is possible when appropriate on a case to case basis, with the assurance that a new registration will be allowed without a new entrance examination or selection procedure. The period of time between ex-matriculation and a new registration may not, however, exceed one semester, except in especially well-founded cases in which two semesters are allowed. Should the time limit be exceeded, a new entrance examination or selection procedure in accordance with the provisions of the SEPEV is required.

If a leave of absence is taken, student fees for this semester of leave must be paid.

What are acceptable grounds?

  • Illness, accompanied by a doctor’s certificate of illness, if, in accordance with the regulations, the illness prevents studying in the semester in question.
  • Circumstances which allow maternity or parental leave for employees
  • Studies at a foreign university
  • An exceptional burden due to care giving requirements for a close relative
  • The completion of a voluntary artistic orchestra internship during the prescribed period of study
  • University of Music regulations on studies and examinations concerning external internships and which take up substantial class time.

Other reasons may be considered only after a strict examination of each individual case.

Financial and/or economic factors cannot be considered as significant reasons!