The re-registration policy is stipulated in the respective current versions of the statutes concerning the registration, re-registration, leave of absence and ex-matriculation at the University of Music Würzburg – in short ImmaS.

If a student would like to continue her/his study at the University of Music Würzburg, he/she must register properly and punctually before the beginning of each semester in order to continue studies. A student must be registered until successful completion of studies, definitive failure or until dropping out of school.

The re-registration period will be determined by the university and made known by means of a public posting and/or by electronic means.

If a student, due to reasons beyond her/his control, misses the deadline for application to re-register within the re-registration period, an extension may be granted.

After classes have begun, a re-registration is not possible.


How does it work?

Re-registration occurs by means of the punctual and complete payment of student fees to the appropriate bank account of the University of Music Würzburg. To assure compliance with the re-registration deadline, the payment of fees must be made at latest by the end of the announced deadline given by the University of Music Würzburg.

Students of Teachers’ Training with a major in music have the possibility of re-registering at the University of Würzburg. In this case the registration certification of the University of Würzburg must be presented by the re-registration deadline.


What is to be observed?

Payment must be made at latest by the re-registration deadline.


The latest re-registration deadline for the summer semester 2019 (The semester begins on 1 April 2019) is 18 January 2019. By this deadline the payment of student fees must have been paid to the university.

You must make sure that the payment of student fees occurs punctually (Please observe the bank’s booking times)

Tip: Transfer the student fees at latest three weeks before 18 January 2019, in the Christmas week.

Failure to meet this deadline may be reason for ex-matriculation (Article 46 No. 5 BayHSchG)

Last updated: 04/07/2020