Practice Rooms

In all three buildings of the University of Music Wuerzburg, there are rooms which can be used by students for practicing.

In the Hofstallstraße Building, the classrooms can be used for practicing outside of lesson times. Reservations are made via lists that are displayed on the doors to each room. A room can be reserved for a maximum of two hours at a time.

In the Bibrastraße Building, 25 rooms with upright or grand pianos are available to students. These rooms can be reserved online at ''. To log in, you need your personal user data, which you also use to log in to the university wifi and your e-mail account.

In the Bibrastraße building there are also some practice rooms equipped with a harpsichord, fortepiano or a computer with aural skills software. Eligible students can borrow the key for these rooms at the front desk.

In the Residenzplatz Building, there are two practice rooms available which can also be reserved online. In addition, students can also use their teachers' rooms for practice outside of class hours if they have written consent from the respective teacher. Please note that students who have received the consent of their teachers must first apply to Mr. Mittnacht or Mr. Röhner from the property management department in order to gain card key access to the rooms.