Student residences

Students of the University of Music Wuerzburg can apply for a place in one of the eleven student residences of the Studentenwerk Wuerzburg. Most residences have shared flats ("WGs") where you have your own room but share the kitchen and bathroom with other students. However, there are also single apartments, family apartments for students with children, and handicap-accessible accommodation. The rooms are usually furnished and comparatively inexpensive.

Apply as early as possible for a dorm room at the Studentenwerk Wuerzburg on the Studentenwerk website !

Private housing market

The private housing market offers an alternative to living in student residences. In Germany, most students live in shared flats, so-called "WGs". Several students live together in one apartment and share the rental costs. Each flat-sharing resident has his own room; the kitchen, the bathroom and sometimes a living room are shared. Due to the comparatively high rents and the tight housing market in Wuerzburg, many students decide to live in a shared flat. In addition, a WG usually offers the advantage that the common rooms are already equipped with the most important furniture and furnishings. Not least, a WG is a great opportunity to make first contacts in Wuerzburg.